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Women Will Never Be Equal in Poker

25 September 2009, By: compncards
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WomeninPoker 250x300

Lady Junkie said something in her blog that struck me as odd. She said that maybe her ranting would give readers a taste of what women had to put up with during the years of inequality. That assumes that women are considered equals at the poker table. I'm sorry to tell this to you ladies, but the years of inequality are still going on.

It is true that as a whole, women are much more accepted at a poker table than they used to be. However, that is not to assume that women still aren't treated differently in a lot of games, because that is the truth. Perhaps at the highest levels women are considered on par with the men, but you go to the lower limits around the country and you will find that most women are still treated very differently.

The sad part of it is, some of it is their own doing. Case in point, Annie Duke in her autobiography tells women to use their feminine whiles at the poker table against their players. And there are a lot of women that do. I was in a poker tournament two years ago and a guy went to raise this middle aged woman and she literally went "You really want to raise these?" She then gave her breasts a squeeze towards the guy. The guy sat there, mouth agape, and checked. She then caught her straight on the river and won the pot.

While that is an extreme case, there are many women that try and use their charms at the table over using poker skills. Yet many will be the first ones to scream "inequality in poker."

Next, if women want to be truly considered equal, get rid of these ladies events. You want to be on par with us, then play with us. Don't complain that when a guy enters a women's event. If you all are such great players, why does it matter. 200 women should be able to beat 1 or 2 men. Right?

The last reason that women will never be truly equal at the table is that when it boils down to it, men have egos. They think they are God's gift to poker and will not be told otherwise. A lot of men think that the only good looking women players are ugly women players. While we know this isn't true, it is what many men believe.

Do I think women are competent poker players? Yes, I do. What I think is irrelevant. I have played from the lowest levels to the highest levels and played with the best in the world, men and women included. I do not represent the typical low stakes grinder that goes out on the weekend to kick back a few beers and make a few bucks. That is the guy that would rather sleep with the women at the table than take their money.

Women are naturally more commonplace and accepted at the poker table than in the past. However, as long as women continue to try to be women at the tables and not poker players, they will not be taken seriously. As long as they continue to complain when their clearly sexist events are invaded by men, they will never be considered equal. As long as men have egos, women will never be considered truly equal in poker.

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