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What Was Doyle Thinking?

22 February 2012, By: compncards
Doyle and Howard 430x238
Doyle and Howard 430x238

I'd really like to know what Doyle Brunson is thinking.

I'm sure that many of you by now have read Doyle's recent Blog post but for those of you that haven't, he essentially says while Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson made "terrible mistakes," he doesn't hold any ill-will towards them and thinks they should be welcomed back into the poker community.

The fact that Doyle comes out supporting his friends doesn't surprise me. The fact he's doing so now during a time where he should almost expect to take major heat for his words does.

People aren't going to look at it as he is "giving them the benefit of the doubt." They're looking at it as "Doyle is standing up for Howard and Chris even after they screwed people out of millions."

With that said, he does make a good point about where was the CFO in all this and also looking a little deeper into some other shareholders who supposedly have more of a stake in the company than Howard.

I also like how he pointed out how Ivey's lawsuit hurt selling the company. I personally have held the opinion that the lawsuit was a ploy by Ivey to serve his own interests, and anyone with half a brain knows that is the fact.

Don't buy into the "Ivey was trying to help us" bull, because if that was the case, why did he time it when he did and why did he try to get out of his contract?

Anyway, I digress back to Doyle's statements in general. While I can appreciate his comments, he really picked a bad time to make them. Then again, chances are he doesn't give a damn about what we think of him.

Knowing how he has spoken out in defense of other friends in the past, he likely did this because he felt it was needed and was the right thing to do.

My only comment to the situation to Doyle regarding the Full Tilt situation would be if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, and drops turds in front of you, it isn't a duck.

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  • PokerGob 22/02/2012 7:09pm (9 years ago)

    good points!