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Watches at the Poker Table – Go Binary

29 September 2009, By: Charlie River
binarywatch copy
binarywatch copy

In the Serious Poker Blog, a certain Poker Pro makes a journey into the land of watches and discuss witch ones you might want to wear at the poker table.

He or she makes some good points on the kind of impression that various watches make on your opponents and whether it’s good or bad for your game.

To the list in that blog I would like to add another kind of watch – the binary watch:

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With this watch on your wrist, not only will you be stigmatized as a tech geek and looked down upon by the people wearing a Rolex.

Which serves you well while you're setting up their demise.

More importantly, you’ll have direct access to a really neat random generator which is good for balancing your bluffs.

For example, if you want to bet with 50% probability, just check the number 1 diode. If it’s on, bet. If it’s off, don’t.

Or if you want to call a bet in 12% of the cases, check to see if all three diodes 4-2-1 are on, which is the case 1/8 of the time. And so on.

As the saying goes: There are only 10 kinds of people: The kind that counts in binary numbers and the kind that doesn’t.


PS If someone asks you the time, just show them the watch to see for themselves.

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