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United States Poker Championships Underway

3 November 2009, By: compncards
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The United States Poker Championships kicked off today with a NL Holdem event. It drew 164 players, which is a decent sized field compared to last year, but still a relatively small field.

The cash games were fairly hopping but the waits were a bit much. 16 tables in the room were tied up with the tournaments and others blocked off for satellites and as a result, new games started at somewhat of a slow rate. One good sign for the cash games were that many games that normally went off infrequently were running on a Monday.

Taking a look around the room, I didn’t see any players that really stuck out other than some regulars that I recognize from my times at the Taj. It may be too early for some of the name players in the area to take their seat.

Over the next couple of days, I expect to see some of the more common players on the circuit to show up now that the next three events are Stud, Limit Holdem, and a mixed Stud 8-Omaha 8 tournament.

For my day, I ended up playing over 6 hours at the tables and booked a small loss of $14. I could go into some examples of some bad beats, but I think I will save some of them for another day, or maybe a separate article.

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