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Trump Taj Closure Means So Long to My Home Poker Room

9 September 2014, By: compncards
Taj Poker Room 400x300
Taj Poker Room 400x300

If you've been following the news wires over the last few days, then you know that Trump Entertainment is filing bankruptcy and the Trump Taj Mahal could be closing in November.

With that closure comes the shutdown of Trump Taj's Poker Room, a room that I personally consider my home poker room.

Up until a couple years ago, Atlantic City was the closest place I could travel to and play live poker. From 2006 to 2008, I was up there almost every month and every few months from 2009 to around 2011.

From the very first time I entered the Taj, the room felt like home to me.

Some of you are giving me a WTF look right now. Yes, I know all of the standard complaints from the floor all the way to the chips that have an inch of dirt on them.

However, the atmosphere of the room and the players I frequented just made the room feel right.

The Taj was one of the few East Coast venues that provided a solid spread of Hold'em and non-Hold'em events in their tournament series.

It was one of the few places you would regularly see bracelet winners and stars of the game playing in $300 buy-ins with no-names like myself.

I remember several events where I'd spend dinner with Al and Judy Green and hear all about the old days of the game and of the characters of Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

It didn't have the stuffy, elitist attitudes like I found at the Borgata. I've been to the Borgata Poker Room twice to play in my life. The first time I played an hour but left after getting tired of lifeless players bemoaning their luck and floor staff that had the attitude of "we don't care, just play."

The second time, I was looking at the slow moving board to see what games were running and the brush told me "make up your mind already." I left (after some choice words) and haven't been back in the property since.

Never had that type of problem at the Taj. When I was frequenting the property, the brush lady would see me coming and usually knew what I wanted to play and either pointed me to the table or asked if I wanted to be put on the list.

The floor walkers were a mixed bag. Some were difficult but in time we all seemed to get along.

The Taj is the poker room where I have spent the majority of my live cash game career and probably about 20% of my tournament career. I still have about $140 of Taj chips that I just never bothered to cash because "I'll get back up there sometime or another."

Looks like that trip to Atlantic City is in my future. I will make one last visit to my home poker room before it shuts down. Maybe I can get a $3-$6 Stud 8/Omaha 8 game going for old time's sake.

Afterwards, I'll go play on some of the tightest Video Poker machines in the world and maybe finish winner. Then I'll make the hike over to valet, pay the $5 and get my transfer ticket that I will never use.

Once I get my car, I'll make the trek back to Virginia for the last time from my home casino. It will close a chapter on my life as a poker player and maybe as a player in Atlantic City.

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