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Tonight They're Playing Poker Like it's 1989

12 March 2010, By: compncards
IMG 3432 300x200
IMG 3432 300x200

Daniel Negreanu recently made a statement that PEMM wasn't going to help Phil Hellmuth play better but instead, Phil needed to employ LTPB or "Learn to Play Better."  Well, whether it was PEMM, LTPB, or Diet Pepsi, Phil has made the final table of the Bay 101 Shooting Stars WPT Event.  He spent a good part of Thursday as the chip leader and will enter the final table 2nd in chips behind Andy Seth.

Seat 1 - Hassan Habib - 455,000

Seat 2 - Phil Hellmuth - 1,433,000

Seat 3 - Andy Seth - 2,164,000

Seat 4 - Matt Keikoan - 371,000

Seat 5 - McLean Karr - 111,200

Seat 6 - Daniel O'Brien, 1,129,000

Personally, I am rooting for Phil.  I don't think he is the best Holdem player on the planet.  Far from it.  He is however a great personality for poker on TV.  Whether you like or hate him, you have an opinion about him.

I know that Phil has to desperately want this title.  For a long time now, he has been ridiculed for his overall play and for being a "one trick pony."  While a WPT win will not change everyone's perspective about him, it should earn him a bit of respect.  Personally, I think the final table should get him some respect, but society loves a winner.

So Phil, whether it's PEMM, LTPB, or SDNU (Shut Daniel Negreanu Up) that's fueling your run, keep it up!  We want to see Phil Hellmuth - WPT Champion on Saturday morning.

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