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Things That Annoy Me at the Poker Table

23 January 2010, By: compncards

What annoys you at the poker table? The other day, I read an article on another site where Linda Johnson shared some things that annoy her at the poker table. I figured I would share a few things that bug me as well.

I hate people that take forever to make a call in a limit poker game. It is ONE BET. You have three options. It is not that hard. I have literally seen people at $2-$4 Holdem that will take 2 to 3 minutes to make a call for $4. Heaven help them if they are that slow to figure out the math.

I also hate old people that are just grumpy because they are old. Now if someone is having a bad day, or if the dealer screwed them over, or if they took 3 bad beats in a row, I can understand being upset. But to sit down at a table and just be nasty from the start for no apparent reason is just stupid. For those of you saying to "respect my elders", respect is earned, not given. Just because you have lived to be 70 doesn't mean you have done anything to earn respect. You just haven't died yet.

Dealers should at least be able to understand English or at least have a working understanding. I don't expect an Asian dealer to understand me if I look at them and say "Foshizzle my nizzle?" But if I look at them and ask where the restroom is, they should be able to understand me and not just smile and shake her head no.

If someone calls out for a floor person, a person should be available within earshot. If I personally have to get up and call floor because nobody can hear the other players, the entire room will hear me, because I am not quiet. I almost gave a dealer at the WSOP a heart attack last year due to my loud floor call. Another year, my call startled so many that 4 floor people and three security guards came over thinking that there was a serious problem. No, there wasn't a problem short of someone not doing their job. (I don't give the WSOP so much flack on this as I do local card rooms. At the WSOP there might be 4 floor people for 2,000 players. In a card room, you might have 200.)

Of course, many people will agree with me in regards to being put at a table that is not big enough for the players at it. I'm not talking about being put at a full sized table and having 5 big men sitting at the table. I am talking about putting 10 players for a Holdem game on a Stud table.

Also, what is up with some of those Holdem tables with wood around the edge of the table? Who thought that would be a bright idea? It makes it harder to handle your cards and I just hate it.

Ok, I am off of my high horse for the weekend. Good luck at the tables.

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  • compncards 24/01/2010 9:37pm (11 years ago)

    To see their reaction of course.

  • Eric 24/01/2010 9:32pm (11 years ago)

    I agree with you, but why would you say "foshizzle my nizzle to" an Asian dealer?