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Stud 8 Players Ignoring Too Many Obvious Spots

18 July 2014, By: compncards
Stud 8 Wheel
Stud 8 Wheel

The more I cover poker, the more I realize that the average competency in certain mixed games seems to be steadily dropping. The game where I am seeing the most decay seems to be Stud 8.

It really stuck out like a sore thumb this summer while watching some of the coverage of the WSOP but I also have been noticing this trend for a while in the online arena. Players have gotten too loose with their Stud 8 play and seem to practically ignore certain obvious spots.

Case in point is a hand that I watched during the SCOOP. Deuce brings it in, a three calls, an ace completes. So far, pretty standard.

Next, a jack raises. Low cards call, and the ace three bets. The jack then caps the betting and is called around.

Those that know the game have a solid grasp what just happened here and don't need to see any cards. However, what happened next baffles me.

Low cards both brick, the ace improves with a four and the jack catches a three. The ace bets, jack raises, ace three bets and jack caps. And the low card brickers called every bet.

At this point, I want to be in the Jack's seat.

The ace catches a king, one low card bricks and one improves. The jack catches an ace. Ace bets, jack raises, one low cards gets smart and fold and the other one calls along. This continues until the pot is again capped.

Ace catches a queen and jack caches a four. Low card catches a queen. Ace leads out, jack raises, low card folds and the betting proceeds to cap city once again.

Final card dealt down. Ace checks and Jack bets. Ace calls and asks, and I kid you not, "You catch your low?"

The guy with the jack door card turned over....jacks full. He started rolled up and filled up on the river. The ace started with split aces and made aces up on the river.

Back when I first started playing live events, the move by the jack would have been so obvious that other players would start calling out my hand. I actually have had that happen on more than one occasion.

This time, "Did you get your low?"

Really? And this isn't the first time I've seen this play. I guess other players are putting them on a single pair? Granted, I can understand if you are playing back at an overly loose-aggressive player that will raise with queens against low hands and better pairs but there are times you need to give someone some credit.

In the past, one of the biggest mistakes I saw new Stud 8 players make was playing too many non-scooping hands.

That is still a major mistake, but now another major mistake that I see and especially in tourney play is players not giving their opponents credit for a hand.

Not everyone is playing Stud 8 like Texas Hold'em, so don't assume that's the case.

I don't talk a ton of strategy on here, but this is just something that stuck out like a sore thumb and I needed to comment on it.

Now back to your American Idol brand of blogging.

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