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Stick With What Works

10 April 2010, By: compncards
swings 225x300
swings 225x300

The last week or so, I have been having a really up and down week. I decided to start playing more PLO cash games as it is one game that I have very little cash game experience. I have been told from my play in tournaments that my style is "too tight and predictable." At the same time, the only two PLO tourneys I have ever played in have resulted in a 8th place finish and a win. (The win was in a small tourney that nobody will ever hear about other than my stories.)

So, I try and mix up my play a bit and try a few things. As a result, I see some incredible swings that I normally don't see. I will admit that part of it was due to bad luck in certain hands, but the fact was that I was not being consistent.

I started noticing a interesting pattern. When I was down several buy-ins and decided to play my "normal" game, I won. When I played my "expanded game", I had big swings that usually resulted in a negative gain. So, this evening, I sit down at the tables down about 1 1/2 buy-ins overall and play my normal style. I finished up nearly 2 buy-ins overall. No, it isn't a "monster" score, but it is a win.

I'm telling this story to point out a truth that many players overlook at times. If what you are doing at the poker table is working, then you should keep doing what you are doing. I am not saying that you will not want to evolve your game and learn new things. However, if you are trying to grind out a profit and you have a style that is producing wins for you, then you need to stay with your system while it is working.

Of course, what I am telling you is a two-edged sword. Eventually, your style will either be figured out or you will be stuck playing certain limits. This is especially true if you are a live player. You must keep working on your game, but at the same time, don't let working on your game put you in a spot where you hurt your bottom line.

Personally, I will continue to work on my PLO game, but it will resemble more the style I like to play as opposed to what I have been playing the last week or so. Eventually, I will figure out new moves and new strategies and grow my game. However, in the meantime, I will do what I can to grow my bankroll with what is working. You should too. Good luck to you at the tables.

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