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Stick to what you know

4 May 2010, By: Frank Willburn

In the last month I have had the opportunity to play a lot of poker.  I have played in cash games and tournaments.  But I have seen a trend, at least in my outcomes.  I have been killing it in the single table tourneys and doing not so well in the MTT. 

In the last week and a half of play I have been in 6 STTs and 4 MTTs.  In the STTs, all of which were live, I have won 3 came in second once, fourth once, and dead last in another.  My MTTs, 2 online and 2 live,  however I finish around the 30% mark.  Including this weekends Poker Junkie freeroll where I finished 44th out of the 130 some odd runners.

This all leads me to the question should I stick to STTs for the present and try and continue my run or keep diving into the MTTs?  Personally I think I will continue to do both.  Lately my STT wins have given me a bankroll to try my hand at the MTT.  A couple of my losses I have gone in with the best hand and simply gotten drawn out on, and the others well I was dominated from the start. (J-J v K-K live, and A-Js v A-A).  It is good to stick with what you know, but to become a better player you have to put yourself out there.  No pain, no gain as they say.


This can go for players looking to move up in levels as well.   If you are doing well at .25-.50 online and have built a little bankroll then you can move up to .50-1 and if you take a beating at least you know you can always go back down and get your money back.  Always remember though not to totally leave your comfort zone.  Just because you are murdering the .25-.50 doesn't mean you will do well at 5-10.  There are steps and gradients between that you must first master.  Look at me trying to sound like a master when my comfort zone is the micro .02-.04 limits.  But hey at least I stick to what I know.

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