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Sources Confirm the Release of Information

22 September 2011, By: compncards
Secret Source 158x300
Secret Source 158x300

Earlier today, I was contacted by sources that stated that new information will be released by the U.S. Department of Justice.

He could not confirm when the exact date would be, but it appears that it will be sometime between September and December of 2011.

Also, according to sources, a major online poker site will release a press release soon.

Whether that release will be a release releasing information about a future release or not is not known. However, a release is imminent, maybe.

Also, my sources confirm that an investor somewhere will buy something or maybe even buy a company.

He didn't state who the investor is, but they are located somewhere on the planet earth. In addition, he cannot confirm or deny which company may be up for sale, but it is said that it is a company whose goal is to make a profit.

Finally, my sources also claim that at some point during the rest of the year, there will be a public outcry on some poker news story.

Some will call for people to speak out and then blast them once those people speak out. Others will claim a conspiracy, and @AsianSpa will call someone a cocksucker at some point.

When this will happen could not be confirmed, but it is said to happen sometime during the remainder of 2011.

I will continue to bring you releases regarding the releases released when other companies or my sources release the released information that has been released to them.

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  • Henry 23/09/2011 12:51am (10 years ago)

    lol. sources say you're on the leading edge of poker reporting.