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Sorel Mizzi Accused of Cheating Yet Again

23 February 2011, By: compncards
Sorel Mizzi 400x300
Sorel Mizzi 400x300

It looks like there is a new allegation of cheating involving Sorel Mizzi. This time the accusations stem from John Racener. Actually, the accusation came from Shaun Deeb who was speaking for Racener on 2+2. Essentially, it boils down to Racener and Mizzi were playing high stakes Chinese Poker and Racener says he caught Mizzi dealing from the bottom of the deck.

Marco Valerio of conducted a telephone interview with John Racener where Racener confirmed that he had Deeb post about the situation for him on the site. He then went into details about how that after he caught him cheating that the two had a heated argument and Racener decided to get out of the situation.

He said that  "In a normal situation, I would have cold cocked him upside the head." However, since the two of them were alone, he decided caution was best because, as he stated, "If he was willing to do that to me, he would be willing to throw me off the fucking balcony as well."

Racener then stated Mizzi has been trying to buy his silence and begging him not to say anything. Racener also stated that Mizzi has talked about killing himself over the incident because "he knew he fucked up." In addition, Mizzi has apparently partially blamed pills he was taking as well as other people cheating him as reasons he cheated.

Earlier today, Gary Wise posted a blog on his site regarding the Racener - Mizzi cheating incident. You should go over and read it for yourself, but Gary calls into question the credibility of both Racener and Mizzi. Racener due to his past with drunk driving, and Mizzi and his past of being a known cheater.

He also stated that Racener poorly handled the situation by releasing the information via forum by a third party and conducting an interview with a relatively obscure source.

While I agree with Gary's take that neither guy can really be taken seriously due to their questionable past, there are some obvious questions I must pose.

1. What convinced Racener to play with Mizzi in the first place? He stated that he and Mizzi had been hanging out a lot and were friendly. That is all fine and dandy, but if I make friends with Brock Lesner, that doesn't mean I am going to agree to go battle him in a "friendly" wrestling match. That doesn't make any sense. It also doesn't make sense to go play in a private game with a known cheater.

2. If you are going to play with someone with a questionable background, DON'T DO IT ALONE. Take a couple of buddies along. That way, if things get out of hand, you have some backup. Of course, were there any other players at the PCA that wanted to take on Mizzi in a private game?

3. Why did it take so long for Racener to catch Mizzi cheating? Maybe it is because I distrust all live private and home games, but I am the type of player that is going to watch any new player to see whether he is going to cheat. Many private and home games are crooked either intentionally or by sheer stupidity. Racener has been playing long enough to where he should have been able to spot this. I am beginning to wonder if maybe he had indeed had a few drinks and was impaired.

4. If you are contemplating coming out with information about someone, why get rid of all the evidence? Right now, we have Racener's word against Mizzi's. As Gary stated in his blog, there are ways to get these messages back, but I doubt we will see them retrieved.

In the end, it is doubtful that anything will come out of this other than the smearing of Mizzi and Racener's names. For the time being, Racener has clammed up. His people gave Gary Wise a statement shortly after Gary posted his blog stating the following:

“Though I stand by my original claims of cheating on Sorel’s part, I feel that it was extremely irresponsible to make statements regarding Sorel’s mental state at the time and immediately following the incident. After much thought, I realize now that taking such matters to a public forum is dangerous and can be detrimental to the person that is being talked about. I also should not have allowed the matter to be addressed by a third party in a public forum. I look forward to putting this incident far behind me. This matter is being dealt with between Sorel and I, and I consider the topic to be closed.”

Of course you do. You air out your dirty laundry and now you try to spray some Febreeze on it and claim it doesn't stink. To quote my favorite puppet, "Polish a turd, it's still a turd."

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