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Shaun Deeb Quits Poker Tournaments

24 November 2009, By: compncards
Deeb 200x300
Deeb 200x300

Shaun Deeb is one of the most successful online poker tournament players in the world.  He has won Millions online and over $300,000 live.  Now, Shaun Deeb has announced that he has quit playing poker tournaments.

In regards as to his decision, he stated:  yah Im burntout I hate them I’m done with them. I cant win live everyone was always right I cant win online I just ran good everyone was always right. I’m gunna take rest of year off hopefully and go do something else yah poker was good for a while but **** I hate what I’ve become.”

He later stated:  “guys I’m not quitting poker Im quitting tourneys. I know I got a lot of you into this etc and motivated you but I’ve lost all motivation and don’t see it coming back in a long time there’s little to gain from mtts for me in the future at least life ev wise.”

I don't know Deeb personally, but I know how much of a grind playing poker tournaments can be, and I have NEVER played nearly the volume that Deeb has.

People that watch poker and aspire to "play professionally" do not realize the amount of work and the grind that is involved in playing full-time.  In addition, poker can take a toll on a person's life and their relationships if one is not careful.

Odds are that Deeb has gotten to the point where he wants to do more than play poker.  I was in a similar spot as him a few years back when most of my life centered around a business that I ran.  I had many deadlines and few people to help with the workload.  I was extremely burnt out but the money was too good to give up.  Fortunately, the markets I was in started to slowly dry up and eventually I was forced to get out of the field I was in.  Since then, I have tried to never let my job become my life.

Remember folks, no matter how much money we win, this is still just a game and should  not be our only reason for living.  Personally, I would recommend he just step away from poker for a while if he can afford to do so.  Hopefully, Deeb can find the balance in his life that he seeks.  If he does, do not be surprised to see him return to tournaments.

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