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Schwartz Antics Pale Compared to the Late John Bonetti

23 March 2014, By: compncards
John Bonetti
John Bonetti

I just got done reading about the controversy last week during the final table of a $1,100 event at the Foxwoods Poker Classic.

Justin "Stealthmunk" Schwartz was disqualified after various antics at the final table that included "verbal abuse" of players and a questionable "all-in" situation. You can read more about it at 2+2 forums.

Reading over this blog, it reminded me of the last tournament that I played with the late, great John Bonetti. John was a fantastic poker player but was also known for his mouth at the table.

During John's heyday, you weren't a dealer unless you had been cussed out by John Bonetti.

The event was a Omaha Hi-Lo tournament at Winning On The Green at the Bicycle Casino in 2006. John was to my direct right. It didn't take long before he started giving the lady dealer "the business."

Was there a penalty? No. The dealer didn't even call the floor.

During the break, John was introducing me to some of the other players at the table. "That guy is a son-of-a-bitch. That guy is a son-of-a-bitch. That lady....she is a nice lady if she ever learns how to fucking play poker."

You get the point. Was the floor called? No.

During the second break. John started jawwing with the floor man and the dealer. John looks at the dealer and in front of the TD says "Dealer, I want to meet you outside." The dealer says "Ok." and stands up.

The dealer was about 6 ft 6 and John was about my height (5 ft 8 in). John looks at him, looks at the TD, and says "forgetaboutit." Was there a penalty? No, but the dealer did issue a warning.

A few hours later, John really starts giving the business to our male Asian dealer. Then the power goes out and John really starts into him. Finally, the dealer calls the floor over and tells him what happens.

John continues to bad mouth the dealer and complain about the power outage. The TD finally issues John a one-round penalty.

John starts to calm down a bit, looks at me, and says "Can you f***king believe this?" And then looks at the TD. The TD thought he said "F**k you" directly to him, and proceeds to DQ John.

The poker room manager comes over and ultimately holds up the decision and John is out the tournament. So John goes over and proceeds to win a couple grand in cash games. (No, they didn't kick him out the casino, just out the tournament.)

By the way, he came back the next day and things went on as if John has never been DQ'd. He went on to final table three events that series, including a Limit Hold'em event where he finished in the top three with Robert and Michael Mizrachi.

So you see, I am slightly amused by last week's DQ. Schwartz's "antics" pale in comparison to what I have seen in the past. Yes, the game is very different than even a few years ago, but it would seem to me that some TD's and players would have a thicker skin. Whatever it takes to win right?

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