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Ryan Eriquezzo DQ Exposes Need for Uniform Penalty System

20 May 2014, By: compncards
Ryan Eriquezzo 256x300
Ryan Eriquezzo 256x300

Cue the latest poker "controversy."

F5 Poker earlier today reported that 2012 WSOP National Champion Ryan Eriquezzo was disqualified from the PARX Poker Big Stax $1,500 event last night. He suffered a bad beat, crumbled his cards and supposedly berated the floor staff.

There has been some debate over what actually happened. One version of the story claims that Eriquezzo claimed he was going to "torch the place" and another claims that he was going to "torch the place via Twitter." Later he tweeted that he said this after he was DQ'd over crumbling the cards.

Do we have all the facts on how things went down? Probably not because none of us were there. I've seen this sort of thing spiral out of control where the floor person misinterpreted what a player said, yet the person got DQ'd.

However, this type of situation does highlight the need of an established and uniform penalty system that casinos can use in the same way TDA rules are used. The WSOP has a set of guidelines that they use for issuing penalties and disqualifications and maybe it can be modified to fit the situation.

Should floor staff be allowed some leeway in decision making? Sure. However, giving them a broad brush stroke has and will bring out poor decision making.

Eriquezzo's situation (based on what I have read) should have incurred a penalty of anywhere from 3 to 5 orbit. I'm going to assume he crumbled the cards and said something to the deal / player. A penalty system would have some pre-established guideline that could have been used to issue a penalty.

Had this type of system been in place, Eriquezzo may have remained in the game or we may have had a clearer understanding as to why he really was ejected.

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