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Russ Hamilton Gets Pwned - Blows Gasket - Still an Asshole

21 January 2011, By: compncards
Russ Hamilton 286x300
Russ Hamilton 286x300

There is currently an epic thread over at TwoPlusTwo forums regarding a trip that users "Slifdog" and "billysharkey" made to a Florida poker room. In the 5/10/20 NL game they were playing in was none other than UltimateBet Cheating mastermind Russ Hamilton.

Below is an except from the post

"Billy proceeds to engage Russ in conversation. Russ is clueless for the first few pleasantries, but then Billy starts to get under Russ's skin with an array of subtle verbal abuses that imply that Russ is karmic-ally screwed unlovable rat with no chance of having real friends and that Russ will have to always look over his shoulder and fear for his safety. Billy did it in a really clever style, nothing was a direct threat or insult, but it was clear that he was abusing the jerk. Finally, after I bluffed Russ off a hand with 8 high and showed, Billy said something to the effect of "tougher game when you cannot see your opponents cards" and Russ snaps.

"You are a f_cking d_ck.... a f_cking dick. If you believe everything you read your are just stupid, just a stupid f_cking d_ck. You do not know what you are talking about, you were not there. You just read about it and think you know...", says Russ with a beaming bright red face and the veins on his neck popping out. Mind you, it is not an easy feat to bring veins (other than varicose) to the surface of the skin of a man of this morbidly, diabetes ridden, obesity level.

The floor man comes rushing over as Russ is probably a valued customer there (he was talking about betting the horses in addition to being a bad LAGtard at Gulf's biggest NL game) and asks Billy to stop tormenting this lard a_s. Billy says loud so that most of the room can hear, "You let cheaters play here, and then you make me stop talking when he screams at me...??". The floor says that Billy is going to have to leave if he does not settle down and Billy responds, "I don't want to play anywhere that caters to this type of cheating scum". We pack up our chips and leave."

I have never been, nor will I ever be a fan of berating someone at the poker table, except maybe in this case. I do find it funny that Russ is telling these guys that they don't know what they are talking about. He says that they don't fucking know.  Well, Russ, here is one fucking thing I know and anyone with any sense knows.

You did it.

You know you did it.

You got caught doing it.

And the only thing you are good for in the poker world now is for guys like the two players above to fuck with you.

If you were innocent, where have you been for the last two years? Why haven't you hired 20 teams of lawyers to burn UB to the ground? Why haven't you came out and publicly defended yourself in any way shape or form?

Your banner was covered at the WSOP in disgrace. You were not invited to the 40th Anniversary event for prior Main Event champs in 2009. However, what do you do?  You go play poker and expect people not to say anything.

You need to vanish Russ. Go somewhere and retire from the game for good. Don't go to your local casino. Don't organize a home game. Just go away and stay away.

Nobody worth their salt in this game really gives a shit about you. Do yourself a favor and go away. Otherwise, expect more of the above because honestly, it is just a small amount of what you deserve.

The prior was never to be considered or confused to be a humble opinion and does not reflect the views of If you don't like it, ask me if I care.

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  • Asian SPA 21/01/2011 5:58pm (10 years ago)


  • Tacc (fatbadger2) 21/01/2011 10:27am (10 years ago)

    It made me sick when i saw what he did and am glad he got this reaction as he cheated was caught and worst of all showed no remorse for it. No apology. Nothing. Props to those guys for making him look like the gutless cheating fool he is. If i was there im not sure i could have stopped at a verbal beating. Well done guys.