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Respect the Stake

9 June 2009, By: compncards

As I mentioned in my last blog, I played a $500 H.O.R.S.E. event this past Saturday at Binions in downtown Vegas. The field on hand was one of the stronger fields that you will see in a $500 buy-in event. The main reason was because the WSOP was in town and some wanted practice. Others were using it as a bankroll builder.

One of the guys playing in the event was backing a couple of the other players in the event. One of those players is a known name and someone that had success in the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. Event last year. Anyway, this player wound up getting himself disqualified due to player abuse. He was given a warning and then told the floor to disqualify them. One thing about the poker room staff at Binions is that they don’t fool around. If they want to get rid of you, they will.

Anyway, this player gets disqualified and doesn’t bother to tell his backer. He doesn’t call to say he is sorry or anything. I was sitting with the backer during one of the breaks and a couple of different people came up asking what had happened. The backer tells them what happened in a very calm fashion and never loses his temper, although I know the guy a bit and know he is pissed.

What is sad about this whole situation is that a couple of other well connected people came by and talked with my friend about the situation. While nothing was really said about it, I could tell they were not pleased with this horse and I expect the guy lost a lot of potential money.

My friend made a great point about the matter. He didn’t really care about the money as it was only $500. However, he did not like the way that the horse acted regarding the money. He didn’t like the fact that he didn’t receive any contact and that the horse respected the stake so little that he let himself get disqualified.

I haven’t been staked a lot in my poker career, but one thing I do know is to respect both the stakegiver and the stake itself. I would never put myself in the situation where I had to explain to my staker why he was out of money due to my behavior. Losing money due to bad play is one thing, but losing money due to your big mouth is another matter altogether and inexcusable in my opinion.

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