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ReEntry Events Have a Place in Poker But Should Be Limited

19 December 2014, By: compncards
Giving Away Money 200x300
Giving Away Money 200x300

Are reentry events a good thing or a bad thing? This seems to be the hot topic of the week considering the lack of real poker news this time of year.

I've never been a big fan of the reentry concept since they started becoming popular a few years back. I'm more of the purist mindset that a poker tournament, unless it is a rebuy event, should be one entry and you're done.

As these events have evolved, my opinion has changed slightly and while I still prefer true freezeouts, reentry events have a place but they should be limited.

Lower Tier Buy-In Should Have No More than One ReEntry

For the majority of us, reentry events are only going to benefit the casinos collecting rake. Many of us don't have the bankroll or the skill to withstand multiple reentries in every event.

For this reason, my feeling is that lower tier events should be limited reentry. If an event has a single start day, one reentry allowed and the person is done. If the event has multiple start days, they can come back another day.

This rule is one that I would incorporate in events with a buy-in up to $5,000. Above this level, things change.

Let the Big Boys Play

Once you start getting into events $5,000 and up, this is when you start to see more of your true pro players and your "elite" pros. In these events, I am more open to multiple reentry.

The first reason is simply that many of these pros have the bankroll, for now, to sustain the reentries. If Daniel Negrenau wants to fire five bullets in a $25,000 event, let him. At some point, he is going to hit and for him this could still prove profitable.

Also, if an event is televised and the pros want to fire multiple bullets to try and make the TV final, I am ok with that. They are trying to get exposure and want the ego trip associated with the TV final.

For clarity, I picked $5,000 and up because the WPT and others dropped their Main Events to $5,000. I'm much more comfortable with $10k and up being multiple add-on.

Regardless of Opinion - Reentry Will Not Turn Away Many Players

Regardless of your opinion on the matter, the issue of reentry isn't going to be enough to drive many players away from events. I approach reentry events the same as I do rebuy. If they want to play in such a way that forces them to spend too much money, that's their bankroll issue. I will play my game and try to take advantage of their hyper aggressive tendencies. Sure, I may bust out early in some events because of this but when their luck isn't holding I will be stacking for Day 2 while they are in the reentry line.

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