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Reasons Why Phil Ivey is Down $5 Million and Why He Will Be Just Fine

30 August 2014, By: compncards
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phil ivey 300x200

In case you missed it, Phil Ivey is the fifth biggest loser in the history of Full Tilt Poker.

Or at least "Polarizing" is.

After the Full Tilt relaunch, Phil has dropped over $5.1 million under the name "Polarizing," making him #5 on the all-time losers list on the site.

Below are a couple potential reason for his recent struggles and why I believe he will be fine.

Ivey's Bread and Butter Has Gotten Tougher

One of the main reasons that we have seen Ivey struggle at Full Tilt since the relaunch is the fact that mixed games at all levels have gotten tougher in the last few years.

During Phil's heyday, he was one of the best players in the world because he simply understood all variants of poker. He had a huge edge in most mixed games and this continually put money into his pocket.

Players worldwide have begun to take up mixed games as a way to diversify their earnings potential. Mixed games were also viewed as an easier way to win a bracelet over the last few years, forcing some players to learn mixed games to stay competitive.

Ivey Has Other Priorities

The other reason that Phil is sliding is something we have seen with many pros over the years. He simply has other priorities that are taking up his time.

We all know about Ivey Poker, Ivey League and his fledgling boxing / entertainment company. Phil is diversifying his interests and this is taking time from his poker game.

For someone whose entire life revolved around gambling and poker, this is a huge change and certainly is going to have an impact.

Phil Will Be Fine

Say what you will about Phil's online performance since the Full Tilt relaunch, the fact remains that he still has some impressive results in the live arena during that time.

He won bracelets #9 and 10 since the relaunch with the later coming just this summer.

Earlier this year, he won $3 million after taking down the $250,000 Challenge at Aussie Millions.

I look at Phil's recent performances much like I did when Michael Jordan returned to basketball after his father's murder. He may have "lost a step," but he is still the greatest player of all time.

Jordan went on to win three more titles before he retired again.

The difference is that unlike Jordan, Phil can and likely will regain his form. At some point he will make changes that will result in a resurgence in his online game.

No, I don't have any insider information about Phil or his intentions. I'm just going by past results. Once he decides to, Phil will put in the time and effort to dominate the online game once again.

In the meantime, he will put some focus in areas of his life that will make him more financially secure and allow him to focus on poker without interruption or worry about any potential financial ruin.

When he gets to where he wants to be away from the tables, God help the poker world.

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