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Reality TV Star Gets 15 More Minutes

23 February 2010, By: Melissa Castello
William Hung 225x300
William Hung 225x300

The WPT Celebrity Invitational is a charity re-buy tournament held during the LAPC at the Commerce Casino. The charity that benefits from the event is Chrysalis, a Los Angeles based non-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless population become self-sufficient through job training and employment opportunities.

This year the WPT event went heads up with the NAPT inaugural event happening at the Venetian. I can'€™t imagine why any respectable poker player would want to pass up a $5k buy-in with a field 872 players and a $4 million prize pool to play in a $200k crap-shoot freeroll. I guess free cocktails and the chance to mingle with B celebs is more appealing to some.

The event did grab 567 players; A, B, and D-list celebs testing their luck and trying out their poker skills along with A, B, and D-list poker players. The tournament drew names such as singer William Hung, Ricki Lake, Jenny McCarthy, Teri Hatcher, Michael Bower better known as Donkeylips, and Jeff Cohen who you all may know as €˜Chunk€™ from Goonies. Familiar faces on the celeb poker scene included Jerry Buss, Shannon Elizabeth, Jennifer Tilly, and Marlon Wayans.

Though most of the big poker peeps are at the NAPT Joe Sebok, Phil Laak, Jeff Madsen, Howard Lederer, Tiffany Michelle, Matt Brady, Erik Seidel, Liz Lieu, and Mike Matusow were among some of the top poker pros who showed up to play one of the softest high profile tournaments, besides the WSOP Ladies Event . OHHH yikes I just went there, but we all know it’s true.

Trishelle has experience feeling out her opponents

In an event like this it’s anyone’s game and I think that was proven by Trishelle Cannatella and Ricki Lake passing the chip lead around for several levels. Though Trishelle eventually busted Ricki when her AJ 3-outed Ricki's AQ; she is now sitting at the final table 4th in chips. Ricki had this to say on Twitter-

RT @MsrickilakePoker is fun as hell! Just finished 18 out of almost 600 players in the WPT celeb invitational. Bad beat by Trishelle from The Real World.

Trishelle recently won the Trash Talk Charity Tournament at the Hard Rock Casino and with another final table coming up, this Real World star is proving she’s got game and is nothing to mess with on the charity poker circuit.

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  • stef :) 24/02/2010 12:08am (11 years ago)

    Meliss that looks like u making out with Trishelle!!!! Oh shit