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PPA Stupidly Restricted

22 June 2009, By: Charlie River
john juanda0046450
john juanda0046450

The Poker Players' Alliance makes a strong effort to make poker accepted by society. But they narrow their case unnecessarily. They play holdem with one card.

The single-argument line of the PPA is that poker is a skill game. This is repeated ad nauseam everywhere on the PPA site.

Poker pro Howard Lederer contributes with a beautiful and convincing proof that poker is in fact a game of skill, for those who have doubts.

Taking the next step

Poker is more than just a skill game.

Short version

    • Poker is a skill game.

    • Poker is a fair game.

    • Poker has player interaction.

    • Poker stimulates diverse abilities.

Compared to other games

    • These games are unfair - the house always has an edge, even if players apply maximum skill.

    • These games have no player interaction - one player's actions don't affect other players.

    • The skill in these games is very limited - all it takes is probability estimates (admittedly not necessarily a simple thing).

Let people see the whole picture

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  • Bill Bartmann 04/09/2009 1:06am (12 years ago)

    This site rocks!

  • Bill Bartmann 02/09/2009 7:08am (12 years ago)

    Cool site, love the info.

  • Carlie River 24/06/2009 8:20am (12 years ago)

    I'm not even mentioning the social aspect (except for a figure caption). I think lawmakers won't give a shit about the other aspects of poker unless the poker community informs them. Why would they understand poker better than the PPA? The debate is needlessly narrowed down (to the skill argument) and poker's the loser.

  • compncards 24/06/2009 7:24am (12 years ago)

    The thing is that congress or any legal lawmaking body doesn't give a shit about poker being a social game. They view it as gambling and until it is proven that poker is a game of skill, the fact that the game is social becomes next to irrelevant.

    But also..with the social poker isn't really social. You can cut off chat at a whim, and many do.