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PokerStars is a Business - Not a Political Platform

26 August 2014, By: compncards
Colman Busquet 430x296
Colman Busquet 430x296

PokerStars recently issued a directive stating that players are no longer allowed to wear items at the table that make a political statement.

This stemmed from the recent EPT High Roller Event where Daniel Colman wore a "Free Palestine" shirt at the final table and Olivier Busquet wore a "Save Gaza" shirt.

Whether the shirts were worn as a political statement or to support the innocent caught up in the conflicts, PokerStars stepped in and said no to future occurrences.

This has brought forth a string of post from various media members. Nolan Dalla and Robbie Strazynski both have put up great pieces discussing the matter and Daniel Negreanu has even chimed in

A statement that I have seen used time and again during this whole ordeal is that politics should not be discussed at the poker table. Strazynski's article is actually titled "There's No Room for Politics in Poker."

The more accurate statement should be "There no room for politics that doesn't benefit poker."

How many of us wear or have worn PPA patches during the game or some other item where we are pro-online poker. How often have we sat at the table and discussed the unfairness of the UIGEA and Black Friday and bemoaned our luck because we have been forced to play live instead of online.

But that's not the same you say. You're right, but it's the truth.

PokerStars is a business that has to deal with multinational clientele. Certain statements or demonstrations may negatively impact the business and they will have to take a stance against it.

Had Busquet wore a "Free Grinders" and Colman "Save Our Bankrolls." would we have been in an uproar. Probably not. Those political statements benefit the game and are viewed as agreeable.

In the end, this isn't about what's right or wrong. It's about what's best for the business.

Poker is a business and everyone that plays is a cog in that business. PokerStars isn't in business to be our political platform. They're in business to make money off us and the game.

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