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Poker Sites Exist to Make Money - Not Perform Community Service

18 March 2011, By: compncards
Money 430x283
Money 430x283

Often we see poker media or poker pros talk about doing things that are in the "best interest of the game" or in the "best interest of the poker community."I was just reading a blog talking about the Onyx Series that Full Tilt is going to put on this year. They were talking about how that poker site rivalries are spilling over into the live arena due to the fact that poker sites are telling their pros not to play at other sites' live events.

The comment was made that the people in charge of the sites should do what is in the best interest of the poker community. Why? What obligation does a poker site have to the poker community as a whole?

Folks, first and foremost, a poker site's #1 objective is to do what? Make money. Their objective is to get as many people on their site and get their site looked at by as many people as possible.

They don't care about other poker sites, other poker sites pros, or really poker in general as long as their site is doing well.

If poker was not lucrative, would the folks that run Full Tilt or any other site run their sites? Of course not. Players that have agreed to sponsor a poker site did not do so for the best interest of the game. They did so to make money and/or to pad their bankroll.

They agreed to be a representative of the site and use their image and prestige to help the site grow. If that means that they cannot play at another sites event, then so be it.

Poker sites exist to make money, and that is all. Poker is a business, and in the business world, you do what you can to come out on top.

When poker stops being lucrative, then they can worry about what is "best for the game." For now, poker sites will worry about what is best for their bottom line, the same as any other BUSINESS.

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  • Heriold Wouter 28/03/2011 2:35pm (10 years ago)

    Woah is that true? Holy crap! how to spend that money. If I play online poker games is that what I get? hehehe