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Poker Site Campaign Ad Rejects

11 September 2010, By: compncards
Antonius Full Tilt
Antonius Full Tilt

I logged onto Full Tilt to play a little Stud Hi-Lo and inspiration came to me for a new slogan for the site. As such, I figured I would share some ads that were rejected from various sites.   (Ad tag line in photo caption.)

Full Tilt Poker:

For some reason, Full Tilt thought that trying to convince people they might actually win would be a better way to go:

Poker Player Magazine:

Daniel Negreanu was pegged to be this site's spokesman, but there were privacy concerns:

You can talk to these guys about anything.

Deliverance Poker:

This ad was probably rejected due to copyright infringement...and this little thing called a lawsuit going on:

I play at

LIPS Poker Tour:

Shaun Deeb's agent requested this ad be pulled due to fear that some of the ladies on tour might make him anatomically correct to join their tour:

Soon Protesting a Ladies Event Near You

Disclaimer: If you haven't figured it out by now, these are clearly fake and meant for humorous purposes. Any likenesses or similarities to any actual ads with these companies....would actually be friggin hilarious as hell.

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