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Poker or Sex?

11 August 2009, By: compncards
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If you had the choice to make, would you rather play poker or have sex? Don't just give a knee jerk reaction, actually sit and think about it for a moment. Men, quit looking at the screen like I've fell and hit my head.

Back in 2006, I was at the Orleans for the Orleans Open in a NL satellite with a couple of guys that had worked in Vegas since the "old days." One of the guys was sharing with me that a certain "Young, attractive, skilled female poker pro" would rather play poker than have sex.

Most of the guys at the table just looked at him like he was nuts. Another guy spoke up and said that he has foregone sex in order to play poker. That has had me wondering at different times about how many men out there would rather play poker than have sex.

It's not just men either. Granted, men are usually much more obsessed with sex than women are. (In reality, we know that women can be just as obsessed, but men get blamed more.) I wonder the same with women as well. However, I could see women picking poker over sex easier than men depending on the woman's partner, etc. Admit it guys, most of us pretty easy when it comes to getting pleasured. Women as a whole are not as easy.

While the above question is partially asked as something fun, it does tie in to someone taking care of needs. All of us have needs and desires. Sex is just another of them. If you are a regular poker player, you need to make sure all of your needs are being met. Sex is one of those needs for many. It was even important enough for Barry Greenstein to mention in Ace on the River. He even went as far as to recommend that a regular traveling tournament player have a sex buddy while he or she is on the road to meet that need so it does not become a big distraction.

Just as each of us needs food and water. Many of us have additional needs to keep us in balance. If sex is an important need, be sure you address it. How you address it is up to you. However, address it. There are too many players that get distracted by the females in the room because they are a bit horny or they start chasing some girl due to their sexual needs. Granted, some guys are going to chase females anyway, but for many, keeping a healthy sex life will help to keep you more focused at the poker tables. (Even if it doesn't, it's a helluva great way to relax at the end of the day.)

Note: I know this blog is written with a very male perspective and geared towards guys more so than women. I do realize that women can have the same needs, but I am not a woman and I am mainly writing about what I know. However, hopefully the same concepts can apply.

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