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Poker Less of a Sport Than Playing Video Games According to Poll

25 August 2014, By: compncards
IsItaSport 430x180
IsItaSport 430x180

So the argument is still raging over whether poker is a sport. Well, sort of.

Deadspin posted an article last week posting the results of a poll comparing whether certain activities were a sport. Not surprisingly, poker placed dead last with 11% of participants claiming it was not a sport.

The following activities placed better than poker but less than the 50% needed to be considered a "sport."

• Darts

• Hunting

• Fishing

• Croquet

• Competitive Video Gaming

• Competitive Eating

• Chess

Funny thing is that I have broken more of a sweat playing video games than I have playing poker.

While the Deadspin poll wasn't exactly the most scientific poll, it does go to show what most of us know but don't want to admit. As much as we want to paint our game as a sport, there isn't enough evidence there to support that theory.

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  • Deoncogle 28/08/2014 8:13am (7 years ago)

    Well, I go through the blog and I had also read another articles regarding the thing that whether poker is sport or not.Well according to me it's not a sport because sports generally includes those games which have more physical activities. And also according to the Deadspin poll,the games which are placed better than poker also were not considered as sport.These following games as well as poker can be said as mind games or recreational games but not sports.