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Phil Ivey is Officially Motivated - Look Out Poker World

23 September 2010, By: compncards
Phil Ivey1 319x300
Phil Ivey1 319x300

Phil Ivey is officially motivated. Uh oh. Look out poker world! Normally, I don't watch a lot of fluff videos from various poker sites, but there was one that I watched today where Gloria Balding was interviewing Ivey and when she asked him what was next for him in poker, he said:

"Well, um, I guess now...(starts looking around like Ivey tends to do)..I have to go out and catch Phil Hellmuth's bracelet record. Umm...yeah, I think I'm going to go after that. Hopefully, I can do that within the next five years."

He also stated "I'm looking forward to setting a lot of records in poker."

Phil Hellmuth, it has been good knowing you, but your record is officially toast. Daniel Negreanu, get used to second place buddy cause Ivey is focused and ready to go.

I recently had a discussion with a fellow colleague about who was more influential, durrrr or Ivey. She claimed that durrrr has gotten a lot more young players interested in playing the game. While this is true, in the end, most of those players, and the rest of us want to be Ivey. Everyone wants to be Ivey. Ivey's success is unreal. I personally think part of that is linked to those who he looks up to in the poker world.

The first person that Ivey stated that he looked up to in the poker world was the late Chip Reese. And when he stated this he didn't state he "used to look up to him", but that he "looks up to him." He also said that he learned more from Chip Reese about poker than anyone and that he was "greatest poker player to have ever played the game."

So we have the man with 8 bracelets and the most money won in the history of the game now motivated to set more records. In addition, he honed his craft with the man that most people consider the all-time greatest in Chip Reese. If this isn't the recipe for the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, I don't know what is.

In either event, I think it is going to be an awesome next five years for Ivey.

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