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Patience Is a Virtue I Have Apparently Lost

26 July 2009, By: compncards
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060409 38 300x218

Most poker players are afraid to tell you about their bad session or some of their bad decisions due to the fact that they feel that they will be looked down upon. Well, poker is a game where you will make bad decision and I will tell you that lately, one problem that I have been lately is being too aggressive in spots late in tournaments or sit-n-go's.

Tonight I had two prime examples. One was in seven card stud and the other was in stud 8. Both times I was at least 2nd in chips at the bubble and both games I bubbled the game. Why? The main reason is that I got too aggressive and didn't give people credit for hands.

I have had that problem quite a bit lately in tournaments. Part of it stems from the fact that in tournaments, not everyone is going to have a strong starting hand late. It may be a good idea to try and complete for a steal late with a questionable hand, but when you meet resistance, you need to slow down a bit, especially if the person may have an over pair.

In my cases, both times I did not give the guy credit for having a bigger pair and I ended up committing most or the remainder of my chips on hands where I was behind in. While I don't want to squeak into the money, I think I need to slow down and give some players a bit of credit for hands.

I think another reason I am having this problem is due to losing patience. I have gotten accustomed to playing a bit of Holdem in the months leading to the WSOP and not as much stud or other limit games. One of my great strengths was that I had great patience due to being a regular stud and stud 8 player.

It's time to work on my patience again. A trip to Atlantic City may be in the cards as soon as this week. I find that playing live poker, especially live stud is a great way to work on my patience. In my opinion, if you have the patience to play stud properly, then you have the patience to play any game.

Personally, I have lost a bit of my patience and it has affected my results. It is time to correct that.

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