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Papa Plays Some Poker

28 April 2010, By: compncards
Old people playing poker 252x300
Old people playing poker 252x300

I have always said that if you want to feel like a young man at almost any age, go play in a stud game.

I was playing in a $3 - $6 Stud 8 or Better game in Los Angeles in December 2008 when this older Asian gentleman sat down with his wife kind of hovering around behind him. He very slowly took out his money and bought into the game. Most of the people at the table knew who he was and called him "papa." His wife they just called "mama."

A few minutes after we all started playing, one of the players looked at me and said "Young man, you care to venture a guess at papa's age?" The Asian gentleman gave me a semi-amused look. Well, I figured I would try and be somewhat honest based on his physical condition, etc. I said "Oh, about 70 to 75 tops."

The old Asian guy just laughed to himself and everyone at the table just started smiling. The player that asked me to guess told me that "mama" was 86 years old. He looked at "papa" and said "You like them young don't you." Papa just laughed. The guy then looked at me and said, "Papa there is 95 years young. Can you believe it?" Papa just sat there and nodded his head.

He didn't speak much. His wife would come over and when he was winning she would say "you need to win more" and walk away. When he was up, she would come over and go "you need to give me money." He would annoyingly wave her off.

I've had people actually ask me "so what kind of a poker player was he?" Who cares! When you are 95 years old, it NO LONGER MATTERS what type of poker player you are. You're already freerolling life, so you might as well go play some cards.

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