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Oops, They Did It Again - Man Wins WSOP-C Ladies Event

16 November 2009, By: compncards
Greg Sessler 300x199
Greg Sessler 300x199

Ninety-two women entered a poker tournament on Saturday. Four men decided to join them. That's 23 women to every 1 man. The result? A man yet again wins a ladies poker tournament. On Saturday, Greg Sessler took down the ladies event at the WSOP Circuit Event in Lake Tahoe, NV. 92 women entered, as well as four men to make a field of 96.

About the only part of this report I did not like was that when the men busted out, the women gleefully started cheering and clapping. In a regular tournament, that type of behavior is rude and show low character. Why should it be allowed here?

And don't give me the bullshit excuse that "it was a ladies event." If you ladies want to be considered equal at the tables with us, then play us and beat us. By your constant complaining when men enter, and now win, your tournaments, you basically are conceding that your events are inferior and that we are messing up the party. Why do you think these men enter? They enter cause they think they can beat what is perceived as a soft field of women.

The best part about this is the fact that the ladies did not get to clap gleefully a fourth time as the last man did not get eliminated. Don't be surprised to see this trend continue in 2010.

Women, if you don't want us to play your tournaments, the answer is simple. Beat us. Men are predatory and will go after what they perceive as easy pickings. You want to shut us up and make us go away. Beat us. Make the games less appealing by playing good poker. If a man enters your event, beat him. Don't fuss, bitch, complain, and talk to the media how much that it's a travesty. Take his chips and bust him out of the event. Imagine him as a woman that has had a sex change if you must. Play poker and ignore his sex organs.

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