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Murder at the LAPT

3 June 2010, By: Melissa Castello

Joran van der Sloot, the main suspect in the Natalee Holloway murder, is now wanted in connection with the murder of a young Peruvian girl which happened over the weekend, exactly 5 years to the day.

The news is breaking worldwide today and it is being said that van der Sloot was in Peru for a poker tournament. The girl was found in his hotel room in Lima, Peru and there is video footage of the victim and suspect at the Atlantic City Casino where Poker Stars Latin America Poker Tour is being held.

Many of the reporting sites are calling him a poker player saying he's been traveling the poker circuit and was planning to attend the LAPT stops. I haven't seen any poker sites reporting information on whats happening at the casino or if he was registered in the tournament.

I've also never heard of him attending any major poker tournaments. He's a pretty familiar face, one I would definitely NOT want to see at my table but one that is very recognizable.

Apparently the girl was also a poker fan and that is where they met. I'm sure Stars will eventually release info about it as the matter becomes more public, though I could be wrong.

For now the closest thing is a 2+2 thread 'Joran van der Sloot Poker Player/Serial Killer?'. It has no real info, just a few tacky yet kinda funny jokes. You can also read a legit article from the Miami Herald or MSNBC with more info on the killing.

Nancy Grace had a special on HLN tonight about the murder but it was so difficult to watch her that I really got nothing from the show. The guest she has on clearly tells her he's there for poker and she then interrupts with 'WHOA whoa whoa why is he in Peru???'

Hello he just told you! Its worth a watch but only for the purpose of seeing what a moron Nancy Grace is.


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