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Live Poker is Rigged Too!!

29 March 2009, By: compncards

Online poker is not the only type of poker that can come across as rigged. I was playing recently in an Omaha Hi-Lo game in Atlantic City that should have been Omaha 8 or Better, kings full or better for high.

I played in the game for over an hour. In that hour, I had my kings full cracked by quads. I then turned around and cracked aces full with quads. I saw a string of 4 hands in a row won by kings full. Then, I saw a straight flush, steel wheel, and a royal flush over the course of three hands.

I have been playing Omaha 8 or better for years and have NEVER seen cards run like that. Amazingly, I still finished up $6. The next night, I went back to the same game and it took over 30 minutes before we saw a full house, and quad hit one time the entire time I was there.

Say what you will, but live poker is rigged too.

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