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Jim McManus is an Antique

18 March 2012, By: compncards
Antique Chips 430x286
Antique Chips 430x286

I just came back home from a short trip to Richmond. Before I came back today, I checked out a multi-vendor thrift store to see if I could find any items for cheap either to offer in my online store or to add to my collection.

I went into this one vendor section that was clearly a collectibles and antiques section. This vendor didn't quite understand the concept of thrift store as he was easily the most expensive vendor in the shop. Granted, he also had some of the nicest stuff overall.

Anyway, while looking around I found a set of old poker chips and right beside it was a paperback copy of Positively Fifth Street. Without blink an eye I said "that will only sell if he bundles it with the chips."

No offense to Mr. McManus is intended with that comment.  It is just an old title was Richmond.  Not exactly a poker mecca.  It was funny that it was mixed among some antiques.

Later on it got me to thinking about how players from back during the "pre-Moneymaker" era of poker are now by and large considered dinosaurs or even antiques in the game.

While some have been able to transition successfully in the modern style of play, there are still many more that are stuck in the modes of thinking that were prevalent before TV poker, online poker, and being a lagtard became cool.

Players like myself were considered dinosaurs when I first started playing because we liked stud games, etc. That changed a bit when mixed games became cool but many players from the pre-Moneymaker era still hold to old ways of thinking regarding Texas Hold'em. They have really become the new dinosaurs of poker.

So in a way many players from that era have become antiques. They are fun to play with and learn about how things used to be, but many do not have any practical purpose.

Unfortunately, you cannot stick the vintage tag on a poker player and expect them to perform like you can put a vintage tag on something expect it to sell.

I can see the ads now "Vintage poker player will teach you the secrets to making money at poker. Call 555-1212."

Yes, I did rip off David Rabbi's poker coaching ad.

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