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Jean-Robert Bellande Busto and a Tale of Two Broke Blokes

18 May 2010, By: compncards
JRB1 227x300
JRB1 227x300

In 2008, I covered the $1,500 Limit Holdem shootout and was the blogger for the final table where Jean Robert Bellande finished runner-up to Matt Graham. At the time of the event, there were a few people actually wondering how Bellande made the final table as they didn’t feel that he was that great of a player. It now appears that they may actually have been right as it looks as if Bellande is broke.

Ok, if you follow his twitter at @ BrokeLivingJRB, you will see that he has a bankroll of $3,300. While that is more than most players will ever have as a casual bankroll, that is nothing compared to what he is used to having.

So my question is, what happened here? Did he really lose his bankroll at the poker tables or is there some other leak that he isn’t telling us. Maybe the skeptics are right and he really isn’t that good. Regardless of what is going on, his story should be one that aspiring poker players should pay attention to.

I can think of a couple of related stories about what can happen to player’s bankrolls. The first is a player that most of you know or have heard of. The other is one I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard of unless you are from Los Angeles.

I’ll start with the first player. I met this player in 2006 shortly after he finished 2nd in a WSOP employees event. He was a blogger for pokerpages and an up and coming player. Really nice guy and I loosely followed him for a while. In 2007, he finished 2nd in a $1,500 Omaha 8 or better event for over $140,000. By December he was broke. Luckily, he was able to battle back and went on to finish 2nd at the World Poker Challenge on the WPT in 2008 for a cool quarter Million. Since then he has went on to has several strong scores, a WSOP Circuit Main Event title win, and sponsorship with Of course, this person is Bryan Devonshire.

Bryan’s story is in all honesty atypical to many “poker pros”. What usually happens with many is the case of another player by the name of Partho Data. In Los Angeles, this guy is known as SpiderMan. From 2006 to 2007, Data was one of the more dominating players in the Los Angeles area. He won numerous titles and over $600,000 in tournament winnings. Then, all of a sudden, he disappeared. After September of 2007, he has absolutely no cashes live to speak of. I had actually wondered what happened to this guy who was so dominating.

Recently, I found out what happened via a forum post on another site. Apparently, Data lost his bankroll in other forms of gambling and has been reduced to grinding out local tournaments in efforts to make a comeback. Clearly, this has not been working out for him as nobody has seemed to have heard hide or hair of him in any event of any significance.

The point that I am making with this blog is that no matter how great that a player may seem at present, it does not always last. The great players will make a comeback and rebuild their bankrolls. However, many will end up like Partho Data or worse. Many have to give up poker to take up jobs and some wind up homeless or even dead on the side of the street or in some skanky hotel room.

Remember, less than 1% of poker players can make a living with poker. Keep that in mind as you consider making this a lifetime career.

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