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Jason Mercier Pwns Again - Trend Noticed

14 April 2010, By: compncards
Mercier Stacks the World 200x300
Mercier Stacks the World 200x300

Just how sick is Jason Mercier.  Last night, Mercier took down the high rollers event at the NAPT at Mohegan Sun.  This added $445,000 to what has turned out to be an insane three year run by Mercier.  Let’s take a look at what Mr. Mercier has done.

Overall Winnings:

2008:     $2.75 Million

2009:    $1.35 Million

2010:   $730k by April 13th

Significant Wins:

2008: EPT San Remo 1st Place

2008: High Roller Event - Euro Poker Championships - 1st Place

2009: WSOP $1,500 PLO Event  - 1st Place

2009: WSOP Europe Main Event - 4th Place

2009: EPT London $2,500 NL - 1st Place

2009: 5k HORSE - Doyle Brunson WPT Event - 1st Place

2010: Southern Poker Championships 1k NL Event - 1st Place

2010: LA Poker Classic High Roller Event - 3rd Place

2010: NAPT Mohegan Sun High Roller Event - 1st Place

And there were a couple of smaller LA and Vegas event wins that I didn’t include.

Anyone that follows poker closely knew that this kid was going to be something special, and I say kid because he is 23.  He has $4.4 Million in tournament winning at 23.  Just how much will he have won by the time he gets as old as Ivey.

I stated last month that I didn’t think Mercier deserved to be in the TOC due to not having enough of a track record.  Since I made that statement, he has racked up over $500,000 in tournament winnings.  Granted, these winnings were not at the WSOP, but they still make you sit up and take note.  While I still don’t think he quite deserves a WSOP TOC vote this year, if he keeps crushing souls like he has been, there will be little doubt of his worthiness next year.

Don’t be surprise to see Mercier take another bracelet, or TWO, this summer.

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