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Isildur1 to Play at PartyPoker's Big Game IV

31 March 2010, By: compncards
Hellmuth11 710449 300x224
Hellmuth11 710449 300x224

Isildur1 has apparently accepted Tony G's offer to stake him into PartyPoker's Big Game IV. It is unclear whether or not that Isildur1 will reveal his identity to the world or wear some type of mask to keep people guessing. However, we have a pretty go idea of who Isildur1 is not:

Phil Hellmuth

Someone jokingly made a comment on one news story that Phil was Isildur1. Hellmuth plays too rocky to be Isildur1. Besides, do you really think that Phil could avoid telling the world that he was Isildur1. Phil's ego just wont allow it.

Charlie River

Taking stakes for PLO Rush Poker.  Inquire within.  :-)

While Charlie is shrouded in mystery as to his identity, his bankroll is more suitable to Rush Poker PLO than $200-$400 PLO and up. Besides, he is too busy busting balls at PokerStars to play online.

Bryan Micon

See this hat?  This is the site I no longer own.  Thanks Tony G.

The "icon" is not Isildur1. He is a HORSE man, not a high stakes PLO guy. However, if you are looking to stake someone for the WSOP, I am sure he would love to talk to you.

Eskimo Clark

Contrary to popular belief, Eskimo Clark is not dead.   Condition of bankroll is on permenant life support.

Really? Does anyone really buy that Eskimo could be Isildur1? However, Isildur1 did accept Tony G's stake awful quick. Maybe he is Eskimo's son!!!


Please buy subs at Subway so I can continue to have a job.

Mmmmm, Subway. I doubt it though. How intimidated could you really be by Jared at the live poker tables.


Still not convinced that Peanut is not the host...

Peanut is too busy hosting the North American Poker Tour for PokerStars. Wait a minute...Joanna Krupa is the host? Really?

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