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High Stakes Poker Has Become Brutal

22 February 2010, By: compncards
AJBenza 263x300
AJBenza 263x300

Last night I watch High Stakes Poker for the first time since they have went over to the new format. OMG it was brutal. While I like Gabe Kaplan, he seriously needed AJ Benza there or some type of wingman. The banter that the two had back and forth was sorely missed.

Also, I don't see where adding Kara Scott brings anything to the program. The interviews are very generic and seem more of an interruption than and addition to the program. I have nothing against Kara as a commentator or an interviewer, but I don't think she fits into this program.

As far as the game, the game wasn't all that terribly exciting either, but that is the way poker goes sometimes. By the way, I am not a big fan of their new opening either. Too flashy and really doesn't capture the feel of the show. I would not be surprised to see the ratings actually start to drop for this program. Nobody wants to see High Stakes Poker After Dark.

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  • lou 04/03/2010 1:33am (11 years ago)

    sometimes change for change sake doesn't work, but its hard to admit it...Bring AJ back!!!!!

  • compncards 23/02/2010 12:46pm (11 years ago)

    Darmok and Tenagra

  • Charlie 23/02/2010 9:59am (11 years ago)

    Yeah, bad decisions can bring down even the best starting hand.