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Hammer Time

30 July 2010, By: compncards
hammer time
hammer time

I’m currently in Atlantic City, NJ for a couple of days for a friend’s birthday and decided to spend today over at the casino. At least such was the plan.  I wound up staying over there for only a couple of hours because the floor staff pissed me off, but in the meantime, I actually did quite well.

One hand in particular was a prime example of why many people do not like lower limit Holdem. I was in the small blind with 7-2 offsuit. Nobody raised and there were 3 limpers. 

Including the big blind, I was 9 to 1 for a call. I made the call and the flop fell K-9-2. I checked and one person bet out, followed by one caller before action returned to me. At this point, I have bottom pair and 7 to 1 for a call.

I made the call and the turn fell another deuce. I checked to the flop bettor and he again led out. The other player folded and then I put in a check-raise. 

The river then fell a seven to give me a full house. I bet out and my opponent made the call. I called out full house and turned over 7-2 to a stunned opponent.

Up until this point, the table had thought I was playing tight as the weakest hand I showed was Q-10 suited that I was dealt in the big blind. The 7-2 destroyed that image as my raises and bets got a minimum of 3 callers after that.

What many people don’t realize is if anyone would have raised, I would have folded. If I would have been dealt that out of the blind, I fold. 

Then again, this is the same table where someone neglected to raise pocket kings pre-flop and another person flopped trip tens and was afraid someone had him outkicked.

You got to love lower limit poker some days.

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  • compncards 30/07/2010 8:45pm (11 years ago)

    Exactly, don't give me 9 to 1 pre-flop odds to call in Limit and then complain when you get outdrawn. Of course, most of the players at the table wouldn't have had a clue what I was talking about if I had said I had 9 to 1 odds to

  • stef 30/07/2010 11:22am (11 years ago)

    waha ha so true. I have fallen in the same trap of limping in with premiums and getting beaten with weak to marginal hands. Represent from pre-flop and take out the seven need for tears.