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Five Reasons Limit Players Make Better Lovers

28 March 2010, By: compncards
Ivey 209x300
Ivey 209x300

While NL Holdem might have a lot of excitement, Limit poker offers more stability and less variance. In some cases, it offers a better long term profit potential depending on the game. Giving it further thought, Limit players also tend to be better lovers. Here is why:

1. Limit player's BB's are bigger than NL player's BB's.

2. NL players sometimes like 2-J off in weird positions at the table. Limit players don't like to expose their stacks like that. They prefer 6-9.

3. Limit players don't go broke with the ladies. NL players go broke with the ladies all the time.

4. People constantly want to see a Limit player's package. A NL player doesn't get as much action.

5. Limit players can go for hours with their stack where No-Limit players sometimes lose theirs in a minute.

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    This is a little gay for you James~!!!!!