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Finalist for Poker Hall of Fame Announced

11 July 2009, By: compncards
tom durrrr dwan 275x300
tom durrrr dwan 275x300

The nominations for the Poker Hall of Fame are in. Harrah’s allowed players to vote online from May 26th to July 2nd for whom they wanted to see in the Hall of Fame.

The top 10 names will then be sent on to the Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council, who will then decide who gets enshrined. Here are the names of the players:

• Tom Dwan

• Barry Greenstein

• Dan Harrington

• Phil Ivey

• Tom McEvoy

• Men Nguyen

• Scotty Nguyen

• Daniel Negreanu

• Erik Seidel

• Mike Sexton

The criteria for selection is as follows:

• A player must have played poker against acknowledged top competition;

• Played for high stakes;

• Played well, gaining the respect of players;

• Stood the test of time;

• Or, for non-players, contributed to the overall growth and success of the game of poker, with indelible positive and lasting results.

With that criteria, there is one name on the top 10 that will get knocked off almost immediately and that is durrrr. Tom Dwan, while a high stakes player, just hasn’t had the amount of time a true legend of the game needs.

Mike Sexton, if enshrined, should really get in there under the “contributed to the overall growth and success of the game of poker” clause. Yes, he has a bracelet and is a great player, but he doesn’t really compare to the other players on the list. However, his work with the WPT and as a poker ambassador I think should warrant him a spot in the Hall of Fame, but as a contributor over being a player.

Seidel and Ivey are no brainers. Most everyone knows their accomplishments, and personally, I am surprised Ivey hadn’t already been considered already. Then again, there were others that probably made for “better press,” so I can understand why he hadn’t been selected yet.

Daniel Negreanu I don’t think will make it quite yet due to there being a strong list of contenders. At some point, Negreanu will make the Hall of Fame, just not this year. The same goes for Dan Harrington and Barry Greenstein. Barry might make it this year, but I think they will save him for another year.

By the list above, I think this year’s inductees will be:

Phil Ivey

Erik Seidel

Tom McEvoy

Mike Sexton

McEvoy doesn’t have the same poker track record as say Ivey or Seidel, but he is a former Main Event winner and is a respected player and author. I think the body of his work will get him in as the sentimental choice. Sexton will get in to give the event a media selling point in my opinion.

Once the choices are made later in the year, I will come back and give my opinions and/or gloat if my choices turn out right.

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