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Episode 2 of the Micros is Here

26 January 2011, By: compncards

The second episode of the wildly popular online animated poker show "The Micros" is finally out. Check it out below:

Two things I noticed during the episode:

1.  Phil Hellmuth gets a prominent mention. Is this foreshadowing of him signing a deal with the site?

2.  These guys love melodrama. At one point, I didn't know if the bathroom scene was paying tribute to Moby Dick or to Star Trek 2 - The Wrath of Khan.

Overall, I thought this episode was a bit "meh." I thought the Christmas short was a lot better. Hopefully they rebound by episode three.

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  • compncards 26/01/2011 3:31pm (10 years ago)

    That's part of my problem with it. Too many subtle gems. You don't have to force everything into one ep. IMNTBCOCTBMHO

  • beans 26/01/2011 12:29pm (10 years ago)

    meh, really?

    so many subtle gems in this one. best one yet.