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Durrrr Dominating High Stakes Poker….NOT!

31 March 2009, By: Charlie River

Are you as sick of hearing about durrrr as I am writing about him? For the last three months, it has been nothing but durrrr. Everyone is talking about how that "durrrr will beat Patrik", "durrrr will beat Ivey," and "durrrr may be the greatest of all time."

In the meanwhile, durrrr has barely been keeping even with Antonius. Of course, until recently, he seemed to be ducking him. On top of that, he is down Millions this year. That's not thousands or 10's of thousands. That's Millions folks. This guy is supposed to be one of the great ones?

You know that people are getting tired of hearing about durrrr and the supposed young guns of poker when Doyle Brunson starts issuing challenges. When is the last time you truly heard Doyle call anyone out? I guess he is getting fed up with it too.

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