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Deep Thoughts - Rocks Edition

23 May 2014, By: compncards
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Rock Avatar

In some instances, tight is right in poker. I still find it funny when "good players" get mad because they lost to a rocky player. Here are a few deep thoughts on rocks based on some recent games I've played.

If the Rocky theme plays when it is your opponent's turn to act and they bet on an uncoordinated board, your overpair is beat.

If you put a player on a range, call their all-in shove and lose to that range, you have no right to complain about a sick beat.

If an opponent has not raised at your table for an hour, don't complain when you call with K-10, flop top pair and then lose. Repeat Hand Ranges 101.

Rocks aren't going to give you action just because you berate them. If they give you action, it's because they have the goods. You psychology is next to useless.

Go ahead and keep firing your bluffs after the flop. The rocks know you're going to bet. How much would you like to lose today?

You're good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, the rocks like you. Come on back now, ya hear?

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