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Daniel Negreanu's Take Applies to Everyday Life - Not Just Poker

29 November 2014, By: compncards

Daniel Negreanu wrote a great blog about making his choice to play poker and to gamble. Head over to and read it sometime. His words got me to thinking about the recent decision by Victoria Coren-Mitchell to leave PokerStars because they are now offering casino games.

She believes that casino games are wrong and she doesn't want to support them because they are dangerous to some people. Daniel makes a parallel observation in poker that is true and had me thinking on the matter.

Skilled poker players will sit down to a poker table knowing that they will be taking advantage of lesser skilled and recreational players. They may even take the money of those with gambling problems or those whose poker player is causing family and social problems.

While his point is valid about poker, it can actually apply to every facet of life if you sit and think about it. The person that runs a restaurant will do so knowing that he will serve food to unhealthy and obese customers who are potentially eating themselves to the grave.

A pharmacist or drug store operator knows that at some point they will sell meds (pill and otherwise) to drug addicts or those that will use them illegally. The ABC Store owner knows that someone will buy alcohol, get drunk and potentially kill someone on the road.

Even in my side gig, I know that some people will buy items from me that are hoarders or really cannot afford to spend the money on the items they are purchasing from me.

Nearly every profession has a dark side to it and those choosing to work in that field have to decide whether they can accept the consequences of working that field. Poker players have to accept the reality that they will take advantage of other players, much in the way casinos take advantage of gamblers.

I'm personally not a big fan of Coren's decision. If that's how she feels, I respect that but I think she isn't looking at the bigger picture

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