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Chino Rheem Wins EPL Main Event and Walks Away With - A Ring

16 August 2011, By: compncards
Chino Wins 200x300
Chino Wins 200x300

Chino Rheem won the Epic Poker League's first Main Event. Great!

How much did he win? $1 million. How much does he have right now? $0.

Or at least that is what is reported.

Supposedly Rheem paid back the majority of his debts with the $1 million he won. Ben Lamb said on Twitter that he was paid back everything he was owed plus $100.

In regards to others, the reports have varied. Some have claimed that he's paid back all that he owed, and others claim he paid back 10% of what he owed to each backer/lender.

There don't appear to be any reports from those on 2+2 that claimed that Rheem scammed them.

On his own Twitter account, Chino came out and said "Ya, I won a million bucks! And I'm still broke! But I feel better than ever! Anyone Who' wants to judge me, y'all better know me first!."

So does this mean that Rheem will be able to turn around his reputation and no longer borrow money left and right to play poker at a high level?

I would love to believe that is going to be the case, and I really hope that is so, but I really don't see that happening based on past experience.

Most of the time, when a player starts down the path of borrowing constantly to stay in the game, it becomes a nearly never-ending cycle.

The exceptions naturally are those that either get out of poker altogether or those that go on runs and actually become profitable. However, those are few and far between.

There is no doubt that Chino has the ability to win millions in the poker world. He has done it time and again. The question now becomes whether he can build and properly manage a poker bankroll.

Can he do it? I surely hope so and I am sure that those in the Epic Poker League hope he can keep his nose clean.

However, don't let it be a big shock if within a few months we are dealing with a new round of allegations of people being "Chino'd."

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