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Carlos Mortensen Jumped Ship - So Why Not Others?

7 September 2011, By: compncards
Carlos 430x286
Carlos 430x286

Carlos Mortensen is no longer a Full Tilt Pro per a tweet from his agent.

Excuse me while I fake being shocked.

Does it really make any sense at all for any of the Full Tilt Pros, other than those with an actual stake in the company, to hold onto their "sponsorship?"

As the clock tick, tick, ticks away, it looks less and less likely that they or any of us are going to be paid.

At some point, loyalty must be thrown out of the window. Poker players, especially high ranking pros, are also businessmen. Sitting back and hoping that a client will come through doesn't put any jingle in your pocket.

I know for myself, if my clients did not come through on payday, I wouldn't be writing for them. I'd be "pursuing other opportunities."

At the same time, I cannot see the long term +EV for becoming a pro with an online poker site post April 15th. Chances are that most that are still serving the U.S. right now will not be able to get licenses once poker becomes legal, so why sign a deal?

My only thinking is that some of them have literally no other options than those sites In that case, you have to do what you have to do. Long term though, it may prove to be -EV.

Of course, considering I still predict online poker will not be legalized until 2013 or 2014, long term EV could become a moot point for those needing short term bills paid or bankroll funding.

I wish Carlos, and any other pros that are smart enough to jump ship from Full Tilt, well in their future endeavors.

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