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Bad week

13 May 2010, By: Frank Willburn
aaron jacks
aaron jacks

Last Saturday I decided that I would go play a live tournament.  I jumped in my car and 4 short hours later I arrived at my destination.  I played my way through some mind numbing 2-4 (won 1 hand) and finally sat down to take my shot.  This was a $40 buy-in with 5000 in starting chips.  Blinds started at 50-100.  For the entire first level I through hand after hand away.  No I am not trying to regal you with stories of my superior patience.  In fact I was quite impatient, I just never got a hand worth playing.  This all changed early in the 2nd level.

I tossed a few more hands and then looked down to see J-J.  Oh curse the poker gods.   This hand I hate above all others.  There is no proper way to play it, and in the future I may just muck it on sight.  I did not do that this time.  The action came around to me with 2 callers, I look down see the damn hooks and raise 1200 (blinds at 100-200).  One player folds and another goes all in for 5000.  I have 3000 behind, having blinded off some 800 in chips.  I think about it and know I should muck.  But do I?  No I try for the hero call.

As soon as I roll those dastardly cards I know I'm stuck, and I'm right.  My opponent shows K-K.  Flop comes 10-10-A, turn brings a 7, and the river another 10.  And just like that I'm out.  And facing another 4 hour drive home.  I tell myself I am going to take a few days off and recharge my batteries.  This lasts until Tuesday when I drive up to the local pub league.  I sign in and get my chips and I am ready to do battle.

Once again my patience is tested and I throw away virtually every hand.  The blinds skyrocket quickly and I finally pick up one winning hand 4-4.  I trip up on the flop and dodge bullets from the guy holding two pair.  After that it is downhill all the way.  I finally am blinded out.  Thursday is much the same.  Though I never win a hand.  It was quick if not painless.  Four hands in and I'm out.  Pocket 9s were dealt three times in a row.  First time they win, next time I pick them up and lose to joker who called my raise with 7-4 out of position, and the next hand they take me out when I flop top pair (8's)  and never improve.


Moral of the story I guess is that it was just a bad week for me.  But don't worry about me I'll bounce back I always do.

Chip for a Chair update:  I know I haven't had much to report on my endeavours it has been an incredibly slow process but I do have a big annoucement coming soon.  I just have to get all the details sorted.  Until then remember to always play it like you've got the nuts.

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