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Back at the Taj Again

18 November 2010, By: compncards
Taj poker
Taj poker

I am presently blogging to you from the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ. I decided to make my almost annual trip up here during the United States Poker Championship to check out the cash game and the tournament action. A lot of people complain about the Taj Mahal, but personally, I love the poker room here.

While I do not long for the days when you had to carry a gun on you to a card room, I do not like what many poker rooms have become. Many poker rooms seem to be either an afterthought of most properties or they are very corporate. By corporate, I mean that the people are more concerned about making the casino money and providing “customer service” than they are about running a poker room.

A poker room should be a place where a bunch of people can come to play poker. The dealers should be competent for the most part and the floor staff should be there for the poker players. The main way that they should be trying to make more money for the casino is by trying to spread more games and to try and get more people in seats.

The Taj poker room staff is not by far the most efficient or honestly the friendliest staff in casino poker. However, for the most part they know how to run a poker room. Most disputes I have ever seen are handled quickly and they keep the games going.

In addition, when I go to the Taj poker room, it feels like a poker room. I have been coming here since 2006 and there are many people here that I have seen through the years. Others have come and gone, whether by choice or by going broke, but there are many regulars that I see every time. A lot of these players are regulars. Some are grinders, others are recreational players, and others still think they are grinders but are just glorified amateurs.

The chips are dirty, the room isn’t the “nicest” in the world, but when you go there, you can find plenty of poker to play. As far as the attitude of the staff, if you get to know them, they are pretty good folks. You have to remember that their focus is less on customer service than it is on running the poker room. I would rather have an efficiently run poker room over one that kisses everyone’s ass.

Of course, I am perceived by many to be a regular at times. I tend to fall into that category anywhere. I tend to blend into the area because I try and not dress as a tourist. In Vegas, when I go into casinos where they stop every tourist that walks in the door and tries to get them to try out the latest promotion, I just get a nod or a “how’s it going.” When some of the hosts find out that I am not from the area, most are surprised. So in a way, that may be why I get along with the Taj staff.

In either event, I personally prefer to play here. Many trips, it is the only poker room I play at. I normally stay in Absecon, but this time the $50 per night rate was too good to pass up. And the room isn’t bad. I have had better, and I have also paid more for less.

Anywho, it is time to eat lunch and then go play some poker. I am up so far on my trip. Let’s see if I can go 2 for 2.

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