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Anyone Up For Positive Slavery?

28 September 2009, By: compncards
Daily Star 130706 158x300
Daily Star 130706 158x300

Lady Junkie said that she is in favor of positive discrimination when it comes to poker tournaments. Positive discrimination? Why? Poker is not Affirmative Action. Poker is supposed to be open to all players, regardless of race, color, creed, etc. Why does there need to be positive discrimination? Hasn't there been enough AA in this country? In so many businesses, Affirmative Action has resulted in the "token minority." Why would women want to be reduced to the status of "token female players?"

When you discriminate against anyone, it is negative. No matter what spin you put on it regarding "addressing wrongs committed in the past", it is still wrong. Do we need to enforce a policy of positive racism or positive slavery? I mean, people in the U.S. owned slaves up until and during the Civil War. Since blacks were made slaves, maybe we should have 20 years of whites being owned as slaves?

Yes, positive slavery is a stupid concept. So is positive discrimination. Yes, I do think AA is a bogus concept as well. "Let's have two people of equal qualifications but hire the minority to keep our quotas up."

If women want to redress us treating them poorly in poker over the years, come to the tables and take our money. Simple and non-discriminatory.

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