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Annie Duke Delivers Powerful Message on Mentorship to Women's Poker Hall of Fame

13 September 2011, By: compncards
Annie and Jeffrey 430x286
Annie and Jeffrey 430x286

I just spent the last few minutes reading Annie Duke's speech that she gave at the 2011 Women In Poker Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by her words.

Annie addressed a topic that some of us touched on a few weeks ago and that is the lack of female participation at the WSOP this year.

Only 3% of the field was comprised of women. Considering the growth in women's poker over the last few years, it is very surprising that the number has not grown.

I also liked her message regarding mentorship.

I entirely agree with her that more successful women players should indeed step forward and offer to help other women in the game.

I know personally that both as a player and as a writer, I have had mentors that have helped me along the way. Some I actively sought their help and others ended up giving their help.

Bill Boston and Mickey Mills were two of my mentors when I was actively playing on the poker tournament circuit. Al Green and his wife Judy became more mentors on "the life" and the history of the game.

When I switched to writing, a couple of my editors in my first gig gave me a ton of advice.

I know the benefits of being a mentor as well through my work with 4-H and especially camp.

I cannot begin to count the number of kids that pseudo-adopted me over the years and then grew up to be teen and adult counselors.

For some, I continue to help where I can.

The goal of any mentor is to help a person get started in their endeavor and then sit back and watch them succeed.

Well, that's the goal. It doesn't always happen, but sometimes you can help them get on the track to success.

More women need that in poker. And, honestly, they need it from other women.

Men don't understand what these ladies go through in the game of poker. They think they do, but they don't.

Hopefully those in attendance and others that read and hear her speech will go on and help others get into this game that so many of us love.

I applaud Annie's message to the ladies and the goals she set for them. I do think 10% in the Epic Poker League in the next three years is reachable.

I'm not convinced that the WSOP will get there, but I would love to see it happen.

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